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Will Smith on Achieving Greatness

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Will Smith is one of the few Hollywood actors of our time that has a wide appeal. And that’s not an accident. Smith’s focus on his art and his personal life have given him insight into how to bring out personal greatness.

If you do not understand what I mean when I say (or write greatness) I will try to clear it up for you. Myself and many others believe that anyone can achieve greatness. Find their inner strength to do whatever they set their mind to. To achieve goals, pursue dreams and through commitment, perseverance, and determination, make their dreams come true.

Through passion and vision, anyone can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Once you believe in yourself, once you have faith, you can follow through knowing that you WILL get to your destination.

This inner feeling only comes to you through your own personal life circumstances. You may be frustrated about something and finally look for a solution. For some, they feel beat down and look for ways to better their lives.

For me it was just wanting to get more out of life for myself and especially for my family. So I started reading personal development books religiously. I have been into self growth and self education for two years straight. I can honestly tell that once you feed your mind this positive diet, your mind will get healthy and will perform in peak physical condition.

I still struggle with self doubt and lack of confidence, but I know how to overcome it. I will do whatever it takes to reach my personal goals to make my dreams come true.

The amazing thing is that once you go on this journey, amazing things start to happen. Doors start to open. Opportunities present themselves more often. And I make my own opportunities appear as well. It’s a skill that anyone can develop.

Take time to listen to Will Smith. But I want you to really listen. Don’t discount this as some Hollywood script, it’s not. Listen and watch to this a few times. Let the message really sink in.

Not only is Will Smith deeply profound, he is also a genuine caring human being. Shows in his lifestyle. Balanced personal and business life.

Cheers to your success and happiness!

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