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Why You Shouldn’t SPAM

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Hello my friends! Today I will address SPAM. What is spam?


No, not this kind of SPAM. You know, the other kind. Junk e-mail, people trying to sell stuff via your Facebook wall and Twitter wall, you get the idea.

Here is Gary Vaynerchuk talking about a recent incident of SPAM on his Facebook fan page. This should illustrate to you what this means.

Gary’s very short video on spamming.

By the way, I am a huge Gary Vaynerchuk fan! As you’ll soon come to realize.

So you see, SPAM is not only limited to e-mail, but now has become prevalent in our social media. But, I gotta lay blame on some of the so called gurus out there that teach how to market, and this is one of the bad ideas on marketing.

It’s not cool! Period!

Trying to weasel in onto someone’s popularity for your own gain, is questionable, at the very least. And the example that Gary illustrates is down right not cool. Let’s all go sell our cola on the Coca-Cola Facebook fan page! See what I mean?

Facebook and Twitter are really cool social media tools that need to be understood. There is an etiquette that must be learned, and some of this etiquette is just down right plain common sense. Think about if you would like what you are doing, done to you. If the answer is no, or you have to think about it, don’t do it.

I recently went against my intuition on something and got called out on it. And I appreciate it and I am thankful for the honesty. It helps me grow, but I should have gone with my gut instinct first! Thanks for understanding Shelley!

Before you use someone’s wall or blog as a platform to get on your soap box and promote your product, service, or business, consult with the person that owns it. Try and work out a joint venture or something. At the very least you’ll know if your idea is welcome or not. Why kill a relationship that has future potential only to gain some exposure, that may or may not make you a quick buck.

Check out my article in about friend collecting and relationship building. It’s a similar article to the one posted here on this site.

Well, I hope that this sheds some light on how to proceed when venturing into social media. For the newbies out there, mistakes will happen, and the learning curve can be quick and painful sometimes, but if you use good judgement and seek out people who are willing to help, you’ll do just fine.

Now, I gotta go make me a SPAM sandwich! See ya!

***UPDATED April 22, 2010 at 04:37AM***

Check this out, I got SPAMMED!  No sooner had I finished writing this article and I got SPAMMED!  Take a look at the picture of my Facebook account which has some photos I uploaded.  This is in a photo album and someone decided it would be cool to post an invite!

C’mon man, using my photos to promote yourself?  I’m not even sure if some of these people that do this realize what they are doing.  Maybe a little message or e-mail might be in order.

So, there you have it.  Or in this case, there I have it!  My very own SPAM!  What was I saying earlier about a SPAM sandwich?  Be careful what you wish for!

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