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Why the Right Place, Right Time, and Right Product is Never Enough

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Right place, right time, right product

network marketing, opportunity, compasss, work from homeHow many times do we hear that we have to be at the right place, the right time, and have the right product?  Almost weekly, if not daily.  Although this is true and being presented a ground floor opportunity can sometimes only come but once in a lifetime, this just isn’t enough.

We all have at one time or another been presented an opportunity that we have declined.  For a many reasons that would be too many to list, we just don’t see it, don’t want it, and we move on.  How many times have you said to yourself “If only I had bought that Home Depot stock 15 years ago” or “If only I had invested in real estate sooner” and by now I think you are getting the picture.  We’ve all had those moments, and I myself am no exception.

Here’s a little story about just what I am writing about here.

Blind to right place, right time, right product

About some 20 years ago, a friend and I went to an opportunity meeting.  He had told me about some amazing money making opportunity which sounded fantastic so I decided to accompany him to this meeting.  We sat in on a A.L. Williams business opportunity meeting.  Now, back then A.L. Williams was in the news a lot and it was always controversial news.  The publicity swirling around the Williams company was always negative.

We watched the presentation and everything sounded great until the part where the “how you earn money” came in.  My friend and I just couldn’t wrapsuccess, work from home, opportunity our heads around the idea that we would not be paid for our work unless someone purchased something (product, service).  And to make matters worse, that someone would make a cut of our earnings that was a bit larger than ours!

Between all the negative publicity, and all the brainwashing that had been programmed into us all our lives, we did not see what this opportunity was about.  And we would never see any other opportunity for its possibilities because we did not understand this business model.

Past behaviors, habits, and indoctrinated beliefs

So with my parents constant good advice of get good grades, find a good job and company, with good pay and benefits coupled with the constant negative publicity, we stayed away from biz opp meetings like the plague.  The dreaded “pyramid scheme” was embedded in our minds.

That’s too bad.  It took me a couple of decades to finally understand the business model and how it works and just how it gives anyone a chance to rise above mediocrity and the status quo.

So, even though we were at the right place, at the right time, and the right product, we ourselves were not in the right place at the right time.

You see, you’ll never see an opportunity if your mindset is not ready for this change.  Only when I changed my mind and my thinking did I see and understand how the business model of direct selling and network marketing was such a great way for people to start in business.

Read for success

robert kiyosaki, business school, business opportunity, work from home, How can you be in the right place and right time mentally and spiritually?  I recommend that you read, read, read!  Read personal development books, self-growth books, business books, entrepreneurial magazines, and the sort, everyday.  You need to feed your mind with positive and healthy food for thought.  You will need to reprogram your thinking and mindset if you want to see and understand a business opportunity and all of its benefits.

This applies to just more than network marketing and business opportunities.  This applies to sports, relationships, and much more.  Changing your outlook can have a very big impact.  Train yourself to be in the right place at the right time and grow your financial success!

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