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The United States Post Office Going Out of Business?

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Could it really be?

Today I heard the mailman at my door as he was placing the mail inside the mailbox. I opened the door and greeted him by his first name. ( I won’t state his name for obvious reasons.) I have a good relationship with everyone that has to come to our home for any reason: the garbage man, the plumber, etc.

As we exchanged small talk he mentioned in passing that the US Post Office is slowly going out of business. I was taken by surprise by his remark and asked him why. He stated that email is replacing regular mail. He also confided that one of my neighbors down the street received a lay-off notice via certified mail this very morning.

This didn’t happen overnight

This is something that I have been seeing happening gradually over time. And this is something I am warning people about. The proof is in the statements of people that I regularly come in contact with.

Technology is literally killing many business models. Bill Gates said years ago, and this is not verbatim, that if your business was not online, your business was out of business. This coming from a visionary many years ago. Visionaries have extraordinary foresight we should give what they say some serious thought.

Another thing my mailman had said about a year, again in passing while we chat for about one minute, was that if it weren’t for the “junkmail” that the US Post Office delivers, they’d be out of business. Now mind you, I did not prompt him for this information, he gave it freely in matter of fact conversation. I haven’t embellished any of it.

Preparing means learning and taking risks

I have been studying online marketing for over a year now and the more I learn the more I realize I have to learn. I had no clue how to do any of the things I know now. I was a complete technophob! So I slowly and painfully began to learn internet marketing, and I was very fearful in the beginning. I didn’t know how to do a gravatar. I didn’t know how to upload a video to youtube. I didn’t know how to add a link. I didn’t know how to get a domain name.

It was hell in the beginning, I’m not gonna BS you about that. The learning curve was vicious, but somehow I knew I had to stick with it. Come hell or high water, I was going to see this through and learn everything I could.

What can you do now

In order to survive in the techno age of the internet, you had better start learning the skills that will generate you income through using your home computer and the internet. Knowing how to harness the power of the internet is extremely lucrative. I am only beginning to see the results of all my efforts.

Now, I don’t think that the US Post Office will really go out of business, but I believe that they will trim down and cut jobs eventually. All other businesses and government entities are doing it. Tough times and tougher times to come.

Anyone got a stamp?

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