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T. Harv Eker and his Millionaire Mind Intensive- Scam or does he really help people?

Hello my friends!  I had the pleasure of attending T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar this past weekend.  It was held in Secaucus, New Jersey June 17-19,2010.  I am going to give you a view of my own personal experience with this seminar.  Your experience and results may be different.

I only found out about this event five days beforehand and I had to do a lot of rescheduling to make this happen.  I have to say that it was worth it.

T. Harv Eker

I had read T. Harv Eker’s best seller “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and also listened to the CD set of the same title.  So, I wanted to experience this seminar since the book had an impact on me.

Another reason I wanted to attend was to observe the speaker in charge of the seminar.  I knew going in that seeing T. Harv Eker himself would be unlikely.  However, we had a pleasant surprise the second day of the seminar when T. Harv Eker himself showed up and presented the afternoon session.  I was impressed by trainer, Adam Markel, but Mr. Eker is on a totally different plain!  Amazing energy and straight forward wisdom.

Will you learn from this seminar?

I did learn a lot from this seminar, both personally, spiritually, and by way of seeing how the “pros” do it.  From my recent studies of marketing I got to see first hand how they created a buyers frenzy.  Amazing, I wanted to get up myself every time and run to the back of the room.  They are the masters of the back end upsell.

The seminar itself was loaded with value, of course.  I myself had two breakthroughs.  This to me is  big deal because I went into this weekend seminar with the attitude that I was just attending as an observer and I probably wouldn’t benefit from any “mumbo jumbo” they offered.  Wrong!  I was wrong.  I benefited tremendously from the course.  They were very positive life and habit changing exercises that will carry with me for some time.  Of course, they have to be implemented on a daily basis, but that was covered as well.

Was this a scam to lure prospects?

I don’t believe it is scam.  It is a business for sure, and apparently a very profitable one.  Needles to say, there are many people who love and follow T. Harv Eker and go on to join his many other courses.  Of course, the idea is to get new people to the seminar where they will benefit from the life changing sessions that the speaker/trainer provides using the system established by Mr. Eker and his Peak Potentials Training company.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

These courses are designed to re-condition the mind into thinking like a millionaire/successful mind.  Through the established form of NLP and hypno-therapy, the mind is re-conditioned to rid itself of non-success building habits and beliefs and replaced with success building habits and beliefs.  It’s just a way of replacing the negative with the positive.  And while many people feel they can do it themselves, it sometimes can take years.  This is the fast track method.

If you’re doing something wrong and you don’t know that you’re doing it wrong, you will not correct the action or habit.  Here’s what I mean, there’s a story about sailing.  For new and inexperienced sailors, this is something that is unknown to most people but could be a matter of life or death to a sailor.  We’ll talk about North.  I never knew this, but there is a magnetic north which is very easy to find with a simple compass which will always point to it, and then there is “true north”.  True north is the actual point around which the earth spins.  While the position of true north never varies, magnetic north moves over time and shifts position as someone sails around the world.  This means if a sailor only follows his compass he will sooner or later get lost at sea.

Soon, if someone doesn’t know that they are heading in the wrong direction and thinks that they are, this could have dire consequences.  This applies to your health, success beliefs, habits, etc.  And this is what Peak Potentials and the T. Harv Eker system does best: identify the wrong and negative and replace it with the right and positive.  Sometimes we need help with this, so I encourage you to at least attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive just to experience your own breakthroughs.

To my surprise…

To my surprise, the crowd consisted pretty evenly of blue collar and business owners.  After speaking to some of them I realized that they were no different than me and the rest of the crowd.  They want to learn and know how to create passive residual income. That took me completely by surprise, and it shouldn’t have.  These people are looking for financial and time freedom.  And in order to learn about this method they need to shift their way of thinking about how to earn money.

From speaking to some of the other attendees I discovered that they too are stressed about time. They have barely any free time to spare to even spend with their family and to do the things they enjoy and love.  This made everyone there equals in that sense.  That seemed to be the common denominator among the attendees.

My conclusion…

I urge anyone who is struggling with their limiting thoughts and beliefs to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive.  Just check the website, they usually run some really amazing specials to get you to walk in the door and attend.  If it’s not free it will at least be affordable.  You’ll have a three day experience that would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars with a professional coach.

I definitely benefited right then and there and I saw a dramatic shift in my thinking, beliefs, and outlook.  I cannot imagine that anyone goes to the MMI and gets nothing out of it.

Another added plus, these events are amazing networking opportunities to connect with like minded people.  I added to my network this weekend in a very positive way.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. 17 Comment(s)

  2. By Svzingaro | Reply

    Thanks for your thoughts We are going next month and looking forward to it.

  3. By Paul Camarinha | Reply

    Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. By Mike | Reply

    I have attended MMI 3 times over the past 4 years. As long as the MMI is free it
    is not a terrible thing. You can learn a few good techniques and maybe make some good contacts.
    However, I would advise anyone against attending ANY of Peak Potentials paid courses. I have attended one called Never Work Again and it was a complete waste of money-4 solid days of sale pitches. I have heard many similar stories from others who attended various Peaks Potentials classes and boot camps.

    Their hard selling techniques at the MMI are designed for the herd mentality, to get
    people to buy stuff because everyone else is also. Some of their trainers(particularly
    Kieron Sweeney and Doug Nelson) will basically shame you if you don't buy something.

    Don't fall for it. These guys are master salesmen but their product falls short. Very

  5. By Tony | Reply

    Just came back from the MMI 3 day free course in Sydney Aus. I left part way through 2nd day. Sales pitches to the max… You can learn some basic concepts from these free courses but the amount of selling pitches to 'learn more' was too much for my liking. I understand they need to make money but I'm not sure learning some basic concept over 30-45 minutes followed by another 1-1:30 hour of selling you a course added much value.

    The other thing I was very disappointed about is the free course gave the impression Harv Eker would be there… Well some guy named Doug turned up (from the US) and conducted it. He wasn't too bad but there was no reference to this before hand which I thought was a bit misleading.

    Also, toward the end of the first day (Fri 1st April), whilst Doug was trying to sell one of the courses you could buy, 2 people got up and started to walk out toward the exit at the back of the room. This was around 10:30 pm – we'd been there from around 9 am that morning. Doug asked where they were going and they said they were listening as they continued to walk out. He wasn't too happy and said to the remaining crowd something to the effect of “That's f*cken rude. It'd be like me walking off the stage and leaving you guys here.” This may be true but I thought quite unprofessional. You also need to consider when this had happened Doug had been giving another sales pitch since about 9:45pm (about 45 minutes). To be honest, I was getting a bit bored of that continued tactic.

    Ultimately if you are going to make a difference in your own life you need to take action yourself… not through paying someone $2200 for a course. I have no doubt the course would make a difference but the last thing I want at the and of a 14 hour day is sales pitches for an hour or more when all the information has been given about the course beforehand.

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  7. By Michelle | Reply

    My opinion is very much the same as Tony's when I attended the MMI. I thought there were a bit too many sales pitches for my liking. The sales pitches took up more time than the actual knowledge sharing itself. Also, Doug was rather rude when he pretty much insulted the people who had to walk out of the hall to go to the restroom. I mean, he does not give a break for over 3 hours, so some people do need to use the restroom. Yeah he did the whole “That's freakin' rude” thing as well, which I thought was rude in itself.

    If they actually reduced the amount of sales pitches, the sessions can actually be shorter and people are able to concentrate more. I thought the hours were a bit too long. 

    I do think there is some worth in attending the MMI (if it is free), but I'm not entirely wowed by it.

  8. By Peak Potentials Training Team | Reply

    Hey Paul, just stumbled upon this review of the Millionaire Mind Intensive and wanted to say it was an excellent review.  Look forward to seeing back at an upcoming Millionaire Mind Intensive in 2012. Cheers

  9. By Domain register | Reply

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  10. By Create an Online Shop | Reply

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  12. By Daniel Craig | Reply

    Not a scam? Are you kidding me? I attended his “free” MMI workshop in my hometown a couple of weeks ago. First of all I paid for the upgraded seating $97 bucks so I could sit up near the front as I was expecting a large crowd and wanted to be able to hear and see well. The surprise was on me. There was no need to spend the $97 bucks as there were very few people there. They had seats for around 400 and maybe and I mean maybe 60 people showed up. There were plenty of front row seats!

    First of all T. Harv does not show up. he send some flunky who was a combo used car salesman/snake oil salesman/Evangelical preacher. Pure T BS. My BS meter was going off the chart w/in an hour. The sad part was people were buying this crap hook, line and sinker. If you want to learn about finances, attend a Dave Ramsay workshop and get some real value.

    This workshop was nothing but NLP run a mock. I will say this guy was skilled at NLP and had many of the low information voters thinking what he was selling was real. It is not. Then after lunch the hard sell started. I was fascinated to watch the sheep running to pay $8 grand for a 3 day weekend with this clown. The funny part was you could tell my looking at these people, they could not afford it. The smart people sat on their wallets for three days.

    Save your time, money and energy. Stay away from this “free” workshop”. It is a scam in the highest order. Plus his so called “financial” advice is wrong and misguided. I am not sure what they teach people north of the border but anyone with one ounce of common sense would know this so called advice is flawed.

    Do not waste a minute on this organization !!

  13. By Lily Turnbull | Reply

    The beautiful thing about this event is that you have all walks of life who attend it. It's 3 intense days of knowledge that when applied correctly can make a huge difference in your financial life. It's also free to anyone wanting to attend. It's full of value and those who are open to receiving that value gain and benefit from it. It follows the teachings of T Harv's book, which again, is value rich. Yes, you'll hear about other courses and camps the company offers. In order to grow and earn more, people need to learn more. Investing in personal development education with a strong, proven curriculum and powerful content that does make a difference in their lives is a choice we all have. I'm a firm believer in this type of education. In many ways it's better than college cause it teaches real life skills. I've taken many Peaks courses. They're top notch. Some of the best in the world because they are worldwide. Some better than others. There camps can't be beat or compared to. Nothing like them out there, to my knowledge. I recommend going because you've got nothing to loose by attending this free event and you very well may walk away with some tangible value you can start applying right away. If you choose to invest in any of their education, look at the quantum leap package. Best bang for your buck and full of great courses and Warrior Camp! Off the chain camp!

  14. By Corinne | Reply

    I just came back from this workshop. I only stayed one morning with my daughter. I am a College degree and I work on a campus. I am also getting my master. Most of the room was filled with people without a College degree. Harv wasn't there so we had two people during the presentation. One was in training. I did not like the language he was using talking about his horse riding. I did not care about his anniversary with his wife in his bedroom. It was not elevated discussion at all. The same for the other in training talking about his wife was was sick during pregnancy. He was imitating his wife vomiting on the stage. I paid $397 (VIP with my daughter). I waited for a long line at the registration line. They couldn't find my name so when I arrived in the room, I couldn't sit with all the VIP. One advice: just read the book and don't go to the millionaire mind intensive! It is not worthy. Join a good company like Nerium International. They have tons of training – development personal on line for only $30 per month and plus you can run a fantastic business.

    There is no quantum leap in business! Having a successful company will take time. Read the Slight Edge from Jeff Olson, founder of Nerium International. At least, in this company, the language is much better.

    I guess the goal was to make people laughing about their dirty jokes.

    If you have a degree, stay away!!! Do not waste money and time on this organization!

  15. By MeowTheReadingCat | Reply

    Their better trainings are Enlighten Warrior and Train The Trainer. You'll definitely will learn a lot from there. The rest offered as part of Quantum Leap are useless.

  16. By jim | Reply

    its a shame that people do not really know who this crook is. That he scammed millions from his students with real estate shams and ATM machines scams. Eker has hurt a lot of people and he hides in his $5M home in Maui. Less than 1% of people who went to an MMI ever made over $100K. Millionaire Mind my Ass – they should change the name to Millionaire Ass

  17. By damion | Reply

    Just got back from MMI learned some things! but slime sales tactics left and right! using fear and lack and emotional sifts to sell! if you go leave your money behind! don't buy nothing till maybe your second one! then it won't be an emotional choice! where they got you saying, “omg! I have been playing small so now gotta go big and sign up for some thing now! its the best deal ever!!! never been this cheap! only available at this break/weekend!”~ these are old school selling techniques~ and they hooked many. You can learn somethings and meet some cool people/participants.

    But watch the whole game, as one big sales pitch~ and for me I was reminded how I don't want to sell~

    slimy fear based not straight from the hip tactics. I came home went for a run to get the slime off and now gotta shower!

    what got me at the end is how the speaker even used his daughters death (and whitney Houston's death, cause we were just in a circle singing one of her songs) as an emotional pull towards making a choice now cause you don't know how long you are going to be here. so either you go sign up or go out that door~ like the door was settling for mediocracy and not going big. but out the door was sunshine and i can play big even without them. they may have some great things in their programs~ but if they teach you to sell like that~ not sure where integrity lives in the organization or its just all smoke and mirrors. The real estate guy they had come add on a package was a possibly not honest~ nor is their tactics probably legal~not good partnering. but maybe great info showing that they may be as out of integrity at their core to.

    so to some degree i could say stay away~ yet i learned some good stuff to do and a lot of ways i don't want to be! the jar method is great~which you can find info on all over the place, online i imagine, from other peeps not related to MMI. Also looking into my relationship with money and wealth ( the book “the Energy of Money' is very good for that with no upscales or slime involved.)

    I really met some cool people though and had some fun learning, and then sales pitches soured or dulled the moment.

    I believe if something is so great it sells itself~ we would see the people hear their stories and learn some things and then they could say if you want to go deeper you can sign up for the more intensive trainings. most people do this~ yet this feels more like they are selling you the whole system that they are modeling as a success system~ but i think it might bring about difficulty sleeping, keeping your conscious, or living in integrity in ones life if you are emotionally and fear selling products~ you ultimately have to go through lots more people and have way less continued clients.

    but their programs are $12,000+ for all or $1,995 so they getting good on one sell! also i heard from people that have been to those that they continue to up sale with all those ones you pay for!!!!

    During the three day I was reminded during sale pitches of TV evangelist and carneys!LOL

  18. By Philipp van der Torre | Reply

    Jim, do you have any proofs? Legal actions were taken against Herv and Adam?

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