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Some People Will, Most People Won’t

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I would like to share a true story that happened a few weeks ago. I happened to run into a friend with whom I had worked alongside in my previous company. We have been good friends since those days and continue our friendship to this day, even after 10 years of leaving the company.

I will refer to him only as “John”.

The conversation started out as most usually do, by exchanging the usual pleasantries. “How’s the wife? And the kids?” You get the idea. And from this starting point we proceed into a 15 to 20 minute conversation as he shops with his wife and children.

John asks me how I am doing with “that thing you’re doing”. I reply that it is going great. I share with him that I am pursuing much more than just “that thing you’re doing”. Like, writing a book. Preparing seminars. Teaching safety. Learning about real estate investments. Sounds like a lot at first, but it really isn’t.

He is curious and pressed me for some more details. We continue to chat and I tell him that self-education and personal development have played a great role in my outlook on life and wealth. Since I started reading great literary books on personal development, financial planning, and goal setting, I have begun to see the world differently. I realized that I can control and shape my future.

Are you happy with your current job?

Are you happy with your current job?

Leadership skills, speaking skills, time management skills, these are skills that can be learned by anyone who is willing. These are just some of the skills I am reading about and learning to implement.

We then speak about the current state of affairs in our great country. I am concerned about the future, not only for myself but for my children. I want to prepare myself and my family for what I believe are the worst of times to come, financially speaking that is.

I see this economic downturn as a serious and long term event. As I continue to chat and we exchange ideas and thoughts, it became abundantly clear that John wasn’t concerned about any of this. He wasn’t concerned about learning anything new. He wasn’t concerned about the future. He wasn’t concerned about anything really. He said if he thought about it “it would drive him crazy” so he doesn’t want to stress himself with these concerns.

John is comfortable in his job. He doesn’t want to worry a bout the future. He has no desire to be more than what he is presently. So John will be what he is, nothing more and nothing less. Well, nothing more is self guaranteed, but the less part, that can come along with an unexpected job loss.

As the great, late Jim Rohn used to say, you can only get the people that do 20%, do 20%. And the people that do 40%, do 40%. Don’t expect someone to do 60% if they only want to do 10%. That’s just the way it is! This quote is not verbatim, so please accept my apologies in advance.

We shook hands and said good-bye. One person wanting so much more out of life and another just being content with what he has. Nothing wrong with either. John is a wonderful person and maybe someday he’ll want more. That’s just the way it is!

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