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Save Money and Go Green with Viridian

Since deregulation in 1997, many energy companies have been vying for their share of the energy market.  And what is not widely known by consumers is that they HAVE a choice in their energy supplier (electric and/or gas company in certain market areas).  Simply put, you can choose the energy company you want based on rates and their environmental and social responsibility.  Which brings me to Viridian.

Viridian provides consumers a choice between 20% clean energy and 100% renewable green energy.  They offer these choices as fixed rates or variable rates.  There are choices for you the consumer.  And their rates are some of the most competitive rates I have seen out there.  Couple this with their commitment to their customers and you’ve got a winner.

I realize that many consumers are not aware of the NJ Clean Energy Program and this is the reason many hesitate to switch their energy provider.  Consumers are a little wary about switching and changing the company they presently have.  It doesn’t have to be scary.  Viridian is a reputable company.   (Click on the banner below to learn more about their environmental programs and rates.)  And not only are they part of the NJ Clean Energy Program, they are also listed under the NJ Board of Utilities as an approved company.  So you don’t have to worry, they have been vetted for you.

If saving money is important to you and reducing pollution and your carbon footprint is also just as important, then Viridian is worth some examination.  Click on the banner below and learn more.  Contact me if you need assistance in learning how to read your energy bill.  You’ll be surprised at what you don’t know.

Viridian markets: NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA, MD, IL.  (More markets will become available.)

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