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Position Yourself as a Leader

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Position Yourself as the Leader in Your Network Marketing Organization


Just as the word implies, it is an act of placing or arranging in order. Also, social or official rank or status, an employment for which one has been hired, or a situation that confers advantage or preference. We will focus on the latter of these definitions.

Positioning is used by the smartest of smartest marketers as a way of placing them above all their competitors first. This is not accomplished necessarily by aggressive and expensive marketing and advertising. The concept behind position is to be in the prospect’s “mind” as the only logical and acceptable choice.

There is one way to do this, and it requires that you offer something extraordinary, something of great value, or you are in a specialized field or category. This differentiates you from your competitors. In the prospect’s mind, you have more value, have a better offer, or have a specialized occupation with no other alternatives.

Being First

Another way is to be the “first” in your prospect’s mind. Let’s say you offer a unique product or service? You’ll want to be the first person to showcase and introduce the product or service to your prospect. This now “positions” you as the the leader in this category or field. It is only logical that in order to purchase the product or service, the prospect has to deal with you.

This would seem like a sure fire way to get a lock in this product or service, but don’t get too comfortable. Where there’s one, there will be another. It’s just the way business operates.

Now that you are positioned as the leader in your field or category, you’ll have to make sure you remain there. You will undoubtedly have your competitors, even if they are from your own company. The easiest way to accomplish this is to continually cultivate your relationship with “your” prospect.

Cultivating the Relationship

Remaining first and foremost in your prospect’s mind will require some relationship skills. Staying in touch by calling your prospect by phone will appear to be great in the beginning but will soon become awkward. Your prospect will begin to feel a little strange because of the constant phone calls, and it might even become slightly annoying.

Since a phone call can be used very sparingly, another form of contact and relationship building is sending cards to your prospect. This is by far the easiest way to stay in touch with prospects and also it is the most overlooked and underused method. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of staying in touch with your prospect with greeting cards.

So why don’t more businesses and professionals use this method? There is no one popular answer, but there are some that stand out. They may feel it’s too expensive. It is an inconvenience to repeatedly go to the stationery shop to purchase greeting cards. Depending on how busy they are, it is a time consuming task to personally write personal notes and sign them. Then the cards have to be placed in an envelope, sealed, stamped, and taken to the nearest mailbox or post office.

Doesn’t sound like something most businesses and professionals want to be spending time on, plus the added expense.

It’s too bad, since this one method is a time tested and time proven way of cultivating the relationship between you and the prospect. There is however, a simple to use system to make this process of staying in touch much easier and much less expensive.

No Other Alternative

Once you have gained the number one position in your prospect’s mind, and you are nourishing this relationship through a marketing campaign to build your trust and credibility, you will be the person or business that the prospect will undoubtedly want to do business with or want to join your organization or downline.

Now that you are positioned first, be sure to follow up. This is an important step in cultivating the relationship. If you don’t, you will have lost your spot as number one and it will be twice or three times as hard to get that position back, if ever.

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