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MLM New Product Launches at an All-Time High

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Hello my friends!

Have you been reading and hearing all the hype about MLM new product launches by all the super gurus?  You know, all the super gurus you never ever heard of until about a month ago.  It seems that these multi-millionaire super gurus have been busy making millions and now they want to share all their secrets with you.  Man, I desperately want to believe this!  On the other hand, it must be true, right?  They could get sued for falsely representing themselves, right?  The FTC could shut them down and charge them criminally, right?

If you have been in network marketing for at least a year or more, then it is likely you have been referred to some of the internet guru sites through and affiliate link.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  Just an acquaintance trying to monetize your road to MLM and network marketing discovery.  Besides, that’s what’s being taught by all the “gurus”.  And now you are on multiple email lists and are without any doubt receiving daily if not weekly emails from these gurus.

What I have noticed is that they all got smarter and began to cross promote each other’s products.  One super guru endorsing another super guru is the best third party edification anyone could possibly receive.  And this has lead to massive confusion.  Which course should I purchase?  Which course is relevant to me at my stage in the industry?

What they have gotten really great at is simply: marketing.  The bottom line is that we have to see ourselves as marketers.  It’s no coincidence that the word marketing is in “network marketing” and “multi-level marketing”.  There’s your first clue.  And the best tip I can give you.

Study marketing!  Become a student of marketing.  I recently delved into studying marketing by Joe Sugarman and realized that most of the marketing I have given into came right out of this book I read.  And not just that, now I know when I am being marketed to and by which method.  I can  ”see” the marketing as it happens.  It’s incredible.  And it was this realization that has helped me go past my plateau.

I finally generated my first FREE lead!  If I can do one, I can do another.  And so, another chapter starts.  (Well, it really wasn’t free, I’ve paid a lot of money on courses and some PPC.)  But the result is that you CAN generate your own leads.

So, before you purchase another MLM new product launch course or curse for only $1,997.00 or $997.00, think twice.  Learn marketing first.  That’s what these super gurus are using and applying.  Marketing.  Plain and simple.

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