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Home Based Business Tax Deductions Equals Savings!

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When I first started my first home based business back in February 2008, I had no idea just what I was in for. It soon became a journey of self discovery, learning and education, and business education. The latter I greatly lacked because of my choice to work a regular job. I soon realized that I had been missing out on substantial deductions that business owners are entitled to.

Thus started my education into how owning and operating business, whether it is a brick and mortar establishment or a home based business, the tax laws apply to both. It then that I discovered Dr. Ron Mueller’s Dr. Ron Mueller’s tax savings book. I immediately purchased it and read it cover to cover and was absolutely floored at what is available to business owners and home based business owners. Simply amazing!

I have since lent my tax savings book to a friend of mine who recently went into a business opportunity, and still haven’t it back! I’m not upset but rather happy since he has had the same reaction as I have: he is amazed at what he able to write off on his tax return. I do have to order another book though, I think my last one became a gift!

Now here is my disclaimer: I am not a tax professional nor do I give tax advice. You will have to seek out a tax professional that specializes in home based business, and please interview him/her to find out whether a home based business is right for you.

The joys that come from running and operating a home based business are many. Too many to list here. But some you may read about in other related websites. For instance, more time with family, receiving a residual income, being able to afford more while working less. Yes, while working less! Let me explain…

…Many people are so used to working their 9-5 jobs and even going to secondary job to earn extra money to make ends meet. They are so pre-programmed to their way of life that they cannot imagine or fathom the possibilities of earning income while working less. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this seems to be a barometer that people use to judge a business opportunity and they answer it themselves by saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Thus the dreaded MLM scam or pyramid scheme comes to there mind. Unfortunately, this hinders many people from realizing their full potential. Fear will stop 95% of the population from trying a home based business. It’s not surprising that statistic show that 95% of the population will retire without wealth. More on that in a future article.

But for now, explore Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy by Dr. Rom Mueller. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the available tax deductions and savings you can reap immediately.

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