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Has the American Dream Become a Nightmare?

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It used to be that you would study hard, get good grades, go to college, graduate, and get a fabulous job working at the company you wanted, doing what you had studied to do.  Well, unfortunately, that is not exactly how it plays out, for the majority of people studying and trying to improve their lives.

With the economy in a tailspin and jobs being regularly farmed out of the country, opportunities are becoming less and less.  The days of finding a company to work at and retire from is increasingly becoming a trend of the past.  Nowadays, most people are lucky to find work, no matter what it is, just to make ends meet and to keep their mortgage current.

What has become of the American Dream?  Ever dreamed of owning your own business?  Of course, everyone dreams of owning their own business and being successful.  That dream has also been crushed with the recent economic downturn.  Businesses are struggling in these lean times due to people tightening their budgets.  Only the strong will survive.  It’s going to be survival of the fittest in these coming years.

With unemployment on the rise and people worrying about their financial solvency, it’s no wonder that people that have a amazing degrees and formal education, are finding themselves in blue collar jobs.  Sink or swim.  Increasingly people are working at jobs they never wanted to work at, with the hopes that they will find work in their respective field or area of specialty.  And as many are finding out, the hard way, this can be a long and winding road.

Still, many Americans are doing well despite the economy.  Some jobs are needed and will not and cannot be farmed out.  Government jobs, hospital workers, law enforcement, food and beverage, and many others.  For the most part, the US is still the land of prosperity and abundance.  But, you have to look for it and know how to be part of that prosperity and abundance.

Just last night I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, Bobby, and he recounted a recent story.  He and his family went away to Breezes in Turks and Caicos and he met some other vacationers.  During their stay they became friendly and discussed among other things, the state of economic affairs.  Bobby being the entrepreneur and the good human being he is, offered some suggestions on how to take the same vacation for about 75% less.

Of course this was met with resistance.  First, skepticism and then suspicion.  Sounds too good to be true.  What do I have to do?  How much will it cost?  Well, when some tells you that they paid a fraction of what you paid and the trip is a tax write off, you should pay some attention.  But wait, it gets better.  The family they met on this trip paid approximately $8,000.00 for the trip.  But of course, spending a few hundred dollars a year to learn about a business that would save you and your pocketbook $5,000.00 is unimaginable to some!

It just goes to show that some people will rather spend the money than try to better themselves and save money.  This is a cold hard fact.  That is why the statistic I put up the previous post is true.  Some people do not have the vision or the will to try and better themselves.  Instead, they take a “let’s hunker down and see what happens approach” and pray they do not lose their jobs.

I keep saying…In order for things to change, you have to change .  You have to change first and foremost.  Your thinking, your attitude, your outlook.  Once you reprogram what you think, your attitude and your outlook, your vision is of the future is clearer and brighter.

The American Dream is alive and well, but in another form.  Stay tuned for my follow up.

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