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Friend Collecting to Gain Traffic

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Hello my friends!

As with the recent tremendous influx of article marketing, thanks to courses by the network marketing gurus, so has the fine art of friend collecting become so perverse. With the ever increasing number of new network marketing entrepreneurs coming into the game, so has the number of blogs and articles tripled over the last few years.

Article marketing was for a short time, the headliner. You were taught to provide some valuable service via your expertise and knowledge in your given field, to your readers. Whether you have a list or people just found your article through an online search engine. Article marketing was to be an equalizer of sorts.

You would provide great suggestions, tips, and secrets to your readers, and they would in turn (and theory), want to know more about you. This is a stealth method of driving traffic to your website, blog, or product page or service.

The problem with this, was that it encourages everyone to do it. Which is fantastic. But, myself being someone who’s grammar is not my forteĀ“, I was leery in the beginning and I knew I would be treading on thin ice. I did not want to be perceived as anything less that I am because of bad punctuation or grammar. But, I forged on, and to my surprise, I did pretty well. I say this because I have seen some articles that make me look like a Pulitzer prize winner!

I am not trying to be critical about these. I have a fondness for people that go forth despite their weaknesses. Richard Branson did it. Orlando Rios did it with his magazine. I have tremendous respect for people that go forth despite what they have to endure and the criticism they have to shoulder.

Moving onto the subject at hand.

Friend collecting. It appears friending has become the soup du jour. Yep, the new network marketing mantra is make friends and get followers. This, of course to increase traffic to you. Just like McDonalds, you need traffic to convert to customers.

However, this has some consequences. First, people are collecting friends and followers as a way to add credibility to themselves by way of saying “look at how many friends/followers I have” to add to their worth in the community. This is just a way to add more eyes to their affiliate marketing links. Again, just doing what you were taught by some guru who’s made a million bucks doing this!

Second, adding friends and then bombarding them affiliate links or your very own business opportunity so that you can retire in just two years working as little as one hour per day, is to say the least, sad. I see this all the time. The ulterior motive is plain to see, especially if you know the angle.

But, I give people the benefit of the doubt. And I have found out that only about 2% of the people who request me as a friend actually follow up and try to get to know me.

Why is this important? Because it shows that there is an interest other than trying to nickel and dime me.

From another article I wrote:
“Hey, let’s get to know each other and find out what we are into and what we like. Do you like baseball? If so, which team is your favorite? How about hobbies? Got one? Family? Building a relationship and rapport is essential. I may never have an interest in men’s skin lotion. I never have. So don’t offer it to me.

Getting to know the people that we make friends with is important. You may learn that someone got burned in MLM years ago and is gun shy if not leery of MLM and network marketing. Saying hello, and following up with “Hey, I want you check out my business opportunity” will not go a long way for you. A better solution is to identify their fear, worry, or concern and talk about it, discuss it, and see if you (yes you) can provide any help, assistance, or a solution.

Could well be the reason they did not do well the first time was because of a hit and run sponsor. You know, the kind that loves enrolling people into their opportunity and then never taking an interest in them and helping them get started and supporting them! Happens a lot. Sink or swim!

Getting personal and learning these intimate details could provide you with the knowledge you need to offer some kind of help or a solution. Or just be a friend and nothing more. Yep, and nothing more. I usually hear that once the person says no to someone’s opportunity, it’s on to the next person. Forget this loser, he doesn’t get it. What a waste of time! Blah, blah, blah!

No. Wrong, wrong, wrong! This is BS and the thinking of a limited and selfish mind. This kind of thinking does more harm than good. For starters, you don’t know if this person will change their mind in six months, a year from now or even five years from now. And you know what, this person has the same potential to be a great distributor as anyone else. And secondly, by nurturing the relationship, even after you gained nothing, you may endear yourself to your new friend in such a way, that they may even (are you ready for this…) give you some referrals! Wow! What a friggin’ concept! They like you enough to give you referrals to their friends and family.

Hmmm…but my sponsor told me not waste my time with that loser. It’s a person! A person that needs to be respected. Maybe you should think about what your sponsor is really telling you to do. Sometimes it’s something your not comfortable with, but you are doing it because they tell you it’s the way we do it in this business. Bullsh*t!”

Do you see what I mean? You need to get personal with people. You need to show them respect. Do you see what I mean? Build rapport, build a relationship. Not everyone cares about being in a network marketing business. So what!

Maybe they can help in other ways. Maybe you can help them in other ways too. Building this friendship opens other doors and channels for you in the future. Don’t just collect friends, get to know them. Introduce yourself and go from there.

As a an article I have read in the past, 99.9% of people that go on dates don’t ask the other person if they want to get married until a relationship with a solid foundation has been established. Do the same when you are collecting friends. Build your foundation first before you ask them to marry, err, I mean to join you in your business.


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