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Finding your Niche-How to Choose the Right Business

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How to get started

If you are anything like me, you may have been a little worried about finding the “right niche”. You see, when I started out learning about internet marketing I did not have a niche. I have a full time job and got involved in network marketing back in February 2008.  During my training and education in internet marketing I realized that I had to be my brand. And then promote to my group or my niche. The only problem was I didn’t have a niche or even know where to start.

This did not stop me from continuing to learn, study, and read as much as I could about marketing and personal development.  This is where the story begins to take a turn.  As I read the books that interested me, I began to realize that I wanted to serve others by way of being involved in the personal development and self-growth field and category.  And so, my interest was to become my niche.  Not because I want to make a million dollars doing it but because I am passionate about it and I enjoy helping others.  The money will follow.  Which brings me to the next part.

Making Dreams Come True

So the next step was to write a book.  Sounds easy but it is not.  You see, I did not have the confidence to write a book before.  For a long time I thought of books as being written by scholars and college graduates.  There was no way I could write a book.  I don’t have that skill.  In essence my belief and my thinking was limiting me and my potentials.  As had been throughout my life, my limiting beliefs and thoughts have kept me back.

So, I made a commitment to write a book and I am in the process of doing so.  It is not easy but it is empowering.  Empowerment is an incredible tool in your personal development tool box.  I just want to complete it and share it with who ever wants to read it.  This to me is an incredible goal and accomplishment which will result in a very, very empowering state of mind.  Once I write one book I can write another.

The breakthrough came about because of network marketing.  How could that be you ask?  Well, in case you don’t know, there are many great network marketing, multi-level marketing, and direct sales companies that promote personal development and self-growth.  This was a surprise to me at first because I had never seen this in my previous work life.  I worked for a fortune 500 company and they never promoted personal development.  You would think that companies would want their employees to be the best they could be.  Not so, they don’t want enlightened warriors, they want work zombies!

Narrowing it down

So over the course of the next two plus years, I struggled to find a niche I could focus on.  Trying to pin down my passions.  I mean, I have interests but I wasn’t sure how to monetize them.  I had read about adults and even teenagers becoming successful monetizing their passions into a business.  Not having a niche has slowed me down for sure but it has not taken me out of the race.  So if you are also struggling to find a niche, don’t worry, just keep moving forward and the passion and the niche will reveal itself to you.  Just continue to better yourself through personal development.

Why personal development?  Because it is a way for you to slowly start to unlock your inner strengths and to come to terms with your own limitations, whatever they may be.  Identifying them and addressing them is one of the most important steps to changing your thoughts and beliefs towards what you can accomplish.  Of course, I can only relate how my experience has affected me and your experiences may be different, your limiting thoughts different, and your beliefs different.

What I recommend is that you start a journal and write down your thoughts at the end of the day.  Identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Separate the negatives from the positives.  Your likes and dislikes.  Following this method for 30 days should give you an idea of where you are and where you are headed.  But there is caveat: you must be very forthcoming and honest with yourself.  This may hurt.  But no one but you needs to know.  This is all about you helping you grow and develop.

Don’t be afraid

To let fear paralyze you and make you avoid doing this exercise.  In the long term you will be glad that you did.  You will realize things about yourself you didn’t see.  Things that were right in front of you everyday of your life.  And don’t expect this to an exercise that after 30 days it’s over.  This will become a life goal.  I have made it a life goal to constantly better myself and I will continue until the end.  You should adopt this mindset too.  I myself have only scratched the surface even though I have made strides in a positive direction.  But as they say, it is a long and winding journey and we don’t know what around the next bend.

How to start…

  1. What is your passion?
  2. What do you love to do?
  3. What are your talents and skilss?
  4. What can you do right now to help others?
  5. How do you want to contribute to the planet and the world?
  6. This is your starting point.  Take these ideas and find out if there’s a market.
  7. Would other people want to know this information?
  8. And if they do, is there a market large enough?

Check out  to see if your niche has affiliate products you could possibly promote on your own blog or website.  This is a great way tostart by promoting and selling other people’s products, service, and materials.  Don’t worry so much about promoting others.  You have to recondition your mind to “give” rather than “what’s in it for me” mentality.  You will also be building your list, but this is another article.

So what’s the next step?

The next step is up to YOU!  Get started.  Write down your plan.  Write down your goals.  And just do something everyday towards bettering yourself and learning something to develop yourself and your internet marketing skills.  Over time these seemingly small steps will provide you with enough content and knowledge to make you an authority or an expert in your field.

I urge and encourage you to go ahead make the commitment to yourself.  In a few years you’ll look back and see that you’ve grown so much and have more knowledge than most people concerning internet marketing.  And you may be even earning a few bucks as well.

To your succes always,

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