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Do You Prepare for the Weather?

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What Weather?

Well, what I mean is, we usually watch the eleven o’clock news or the weather channel in order learn what the weather will be like the next day. We don’t want to go out and get caught in the rain, we want to be prepared for snow, or a nice day. We have our umbrellas, rain boots, rain coats, warm jackets, scarfs, ice and snow scrapers, and snow shovels and snow blowers. We are ready!

But too often I see that the average person does not prepare for financial storms. We are in a financial thunderstorm that will most likely turn into a hurricane of epic proportions. That’s my opinion of course, but I have been paying close attention to the news. Not the just the broadcast news, but news and information that doesn’t reach the mainstream.

I don’t mean to scare you. Believe me you, I am scared!

How Do You Prepare For A Financial Storm?

To prepare for a storm one needs to know what kind of storm. Since we know that we are addressing and focusing on financial matters, we know that we must prepare for a financial crisis. Being prepared can make the difference between sinking or swimming.

For starters, we need to cut back on expenses. Only you know what you are willing to give up. Too often we have gadgets we think are important, but really aren’t. We have only grown attached to certain things. For example, I have a wireless air card for my laptop so I can access the internet from anywhere. I haven’t been using it much lately, so that’s an expense I can cut. At about $40.00 a month that translates into $480.00 a year. Significant.

Then, we should look at earnings. Our job situation. Some people have lost their jobs and are having great difficulty getting work. Others are afraid they could lose theirs or there are rumors about job cuts. And then some have better financial stability.

It’s What You Do Now That Matters

Doesn’t matter which category you may fall into, you should learn how to create multiple streams of income. The usual resistance I get from this is “I’m too busy”, or “I don’t know how to do that”, or they just plain have no interest! Yes, I know many people that fall into the latter, but they still complain about how tough things are and if they could just have better luck and a pay raise. No luck and no pay raise is what they have to look forward to. I’m trying to be brash, rude, or disrespectful.

The truth is anyone can create multiple streams of income. A very common way of doing this is to get another J.O.B. A lot of struggling families resort to one or both parents or the head or heads of the household working an extra part time job to make extra cash for bills or for a vacation. Sometimes they work these extra jobs just to make ends meet! Barely. I am not talking about getting a part time job!

What Is Multiple Streams Of Income?

Multiple streams of income can be created from starting your own home based business. Writing a book and selling it. Getting involved in affiliate marketing. Coaching and/or doing consulting work. These are ways to make extra significant amounts of cash. But I gotta warn you now, it’s not easy. It’s simple, but not easy.

Although I do feel that it is easy, I will stop short because there are some factors that prevent this from being an easy venture for many.

  • No discipline
  • No motivation
  • No ambition
  • No know how
  • No perseverance
  • No desire
  • No vision
  • No courage to take risks
  • Not willing to try something new
  • Fear
  • Time management

These are just some factors that will prevent some people from wanting more.  Putting these into perspective and overcoming them, you too could create multiple streams of income.  Working with a mentor or coach who knows how to overcome these money earning hurdles could significantly help to change someone’s financial future for the better.

* Be aware that I am not talking about get rich quick schemes.  Nope, just working smarter, not harder.  Creating a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family and pursue your passions and hobbies.  Nothing is impossible if you are willing to learn how to think differently!  Success is buried in your head.  Your thinking is keeping this treasure buried.  Change your way of thinking and the treasure will surely be found.

So, prepare for bad weather.  Be ready for the flood.  Start building your very own ark.

To your success, cheers!

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