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Dare to be Different

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"All progress occurs because people dare to be different." --Harry Millner

One of the common denominators of successful people is that they dare to be different.  And I don’t mean just by the clothes they wear or the car they drive.  I mean people dare to be apart from the status quo in order to achieve their goals in order to fulfill their dreams.

Sometimes this will alienate friends, family, and co-workers.   They won’t understand why you go to a weekly meeting.  Why you join different associations.  Why you are writing a book or a blog.  Why you take personal development classes.  Why you hired a coach.  Why you see the world and your future in such a positive way.

How do you picture yourself?

How do you picture yourself?

They won’t get it!  They won’t dare to be different.  They are too comfortable in their current situation and will not stray from that comfort zone.  And I understand that everyone’s situation are not identical, but from my own observations, the vast majority hide behind excuses.  Excuses so they are not confronted with the truth that “they” are the true cause of their current situation.

Understand that I too created my life and the current situation I am in.  I didn’t take high school seriously, I decided not to attend college and was happy working were I could find work.  Then I started deciding where I wanted to work and went after those jobs.  And I got them!

My story follows a path of wanting something badly enough that I went out and got what I wanted. Some people were naysayers and told me I could not get certain jobs.  I didn’t allow these people to deter me.

Now as I am progressing in a new direction, learning new and exciting things, meeting new and exciting people, I realize that I have been hiding what I am doing.  Well, hiding to certain degree.  You see, since I have started this blog to share my experiences and hopefully give you some insight on how someone changes their outlook on life and work, I have depended on total strangers to find me in cyberspace.  But, I still haven’t really shared my blog with people closest to me.

Why you ask?  My comfort zone.  I am uncomfortable or maybe I fear the criticism that comes along with being different.

Everyone has a book in them.

Everyone has a book in them.

I’ve put it out there to the universe…I am going to write and author a book!  Done deal.  I am doing this.

It’s a tall order.  I was horrible in my English classes in high school.  I excelled in some classes and did poorly in others due to my lack of interest in them.  However, with repetition and constant writing, I am improving my writing.  Mrs. Mattarazo would be so proud of me today.

Also, I never thought about writing book because that is what college graduates do.  I never thought it possible for me.

I was limiting myself because of my thinking.  I dare to be different!  I dare to take ridicule.  I dare to take criticism.  I dare to want to improve my financial situation.  I dare to plan my future.  I dare to chart my destiny.  I dare to ask God for everything that I want and desire.  He listens.  He’ll meet me half way.  If you do the hard work, you’ll notice things start to change.

Once you dare to be different your life will begin to change.  You won’t settle for the same old, same old.  You’ll want better and better.  And this new way of thinking opens up your mind to a world full of possibilities.  Nothing is impossible if you just set your mind to it.

Dare to be different!

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