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Chris Widener and Posers!

I just started reading Chris Widener’s “Live the Life You have Always Dreamed Of”.  My only previous literary encounter with Chris Widener was in reading “The Twelve Pillars” by the late great Jim Rohn and Chris Widener.

Chris Widener

Chris Widener

In my quest to learn all I can about personal development through self-education, I have the challenge of reading as many authors and experts in this field of interest.  Chris is no exception and his credentials speak volumes.  However…

This is where I got a “zinger”!  Right in the beginning of “Live the Life You have Always Dreamed Of”, in the Foreword, I was left very surprised.  As Chris writes, and I am quoting the book,“You see, there are many “posers” out there who would teach you “success” principles but who have never lived them out themselves.  It is one one thing to regurgitate someone else’s writings – it is another to learn for youself the principles of successfully achieving all that you want to achieve and then to share them with others.”

OK, Chris has a hard luck story to share.  He overcame some challenges in his life.  Gotta give him some credit for that.  He picked himself up and got himself together.  Great.  But, others have a hard luck story too.  Others have struggled with challenges and personal demons too.  I’ll bet there are other people with similar stories or even worse!

What really got me thinking was the way he came off with his line about “posers”.  About people teaching about success who haven’t been there.  Like the only way to teach about success is to have lived it?  Really?

Hey Chris, Orville Wright didn’t have a pilots license.  My English teacher never wrote a book.  Not a single literary piece, yet she taught English to all of her students with passion.

There are so many people who endeavor to be personal development coaches, authors, motivational speakers, but they find it hard to to get to where they desire.  Inexperience is overcome only by doing.  By failing and trying again.  Is teaching success principles to others because you’ve learned these principles from the masters any different than what my English teacher did in high school?

Am I a “poser” too because I desire and endeavor to teach people how to be successful.

In Mr. Widener’s book he is very upfront about why some are successful and why others are not.  Pretty much how I handle my talks, direct. However, going through this book I realize I’ve seen this material many times over.  Like for example, Principle Nine: Achieve Financial Freedom.

All that material is regurgitated from other books.  It’s not plagiarism, but Chris has written this stuff in his own words.  Stuff like…Finding Financial Freedom, Debt is the Primary Freedom Killer, Go to College, Work Hard, Stay Out of Debt, Own your Own Business if You Can, Put Money away in Investment Vehicles on a Regular Basis, Let Your Interest Accrue.

Who can do this?  Anyone.  (If you are familiar with Jim Rohn, read the previous two sentences and hear Jim saying this,’Who can do this? Anyone’) Read enough Kiyosaki, Bach, and the like and you’ll know this stuff.  There isn’t mind blowing, never heard before revelations in this chapter.

From Dale Carnegie’s “How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence by Public Speaking” I want to share a small passage from Chapter Twelve, Improving Your Diction.  ”How little there is that is new!  How much even the great speakers owe to their reading and to their association with books!”. There is a long paragraph that precedes this, read it so you’ll know what is meant.  The greatest speakers of our time have re-worded and re-phrased things to their way and made it theirs.  (As a note, Mr. Widener does stress the importance of reading and studying from masters and experts in the field of “success” in this book.)

That’s right, anyone can read about financial stuff and write about it.  Of course, it lends more credibility if you are focused on the financial sector as a specialty, and over time you will accrue the experience to write about what you know.  Most analysts glean their info very much the same way. Reading and learning about trends and stats.

Back to success…just what is success?  To someone who is overweight, losing 100 pounds would be a great success.  Someone who has difficulty saving money, by saving $50.00 a month is a great success.  Someone being given a break and being able to speak in front of 500 people (especially when they have no experience and have fear in doing so) is a big success.  Get my drift?

Gary Vaynerchuk blatantly stated in his book Crush It! that he read Wine Spectator magazine and then “regurgitated” the information to his clients.  He did this until he incorporated his own personality and experience into what he was doing and saying.  Bravo Gary!  By the way, if you haven’t read his book yet, get it right away.  It is awesome!

I can only hope and pray that I can achieve half the success that Mr. Chris Widener has achieved.  That is certainly a great goal to aim for.  I have to start somewhere, and sharing my story and my experiences past and present, will allow me to develop past being a rookie or a poser.

In order to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, you have to make your dreams come true!  To your success!

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