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Change Today and Change Your Future

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What You See is What You Get

I know this is redundant, but how many times have we heard our non-networking friends complain about their situation and how they “wish” it could be different.  I hear these stories often.  But they won’t do anything about it.  It baffles the mind.

Whenever I do have a conversation and I am able to bring up the delicate situation of finances and their personal lives, they fall back on excuses.  It is so easy to do this.  How many times have we heard, I have no time, I am really busy, I don’t know how to do that, I’m not a sales kinda person, that doesn’t work… and it goes on and on.

Do Nothing = Nothing

Let’s see this little example that gets right down to the core.

Do nothing= nothing

Do a little bit= a little bit

Do more= more

Do a lot= a lot!

Well, If It Were That Easy

Well, maybe it isn’t easy, but it is not rocket science.  It is simple but not easy.  Take a diet for example and let’s superimpose the previous example, shall we.

Here’s what a diet would look like using the previous example:

Do nothing= stay the same (out of shape, fat, lethargic)

Do a little bit= feel a little bit better…

Do more= see more results, feel better…

Do more= look better, feel better, people begin to notice…

Do a lot= able to run in a 3 mile run, look great, feel great, everyone is saying,”You look great!  What have you been doing?”

Do you get it?  See how this simple principle works.  And it works in everything.

Do You Want Change?

Well, let me see, I’ve got 2 nickels, a dime and 3 quarters.  Will that help you?  Nope, it won’t.  If you want change… you have to change.  This is such a simple maxim but people don’t know how to use it or apply it, or just aren’t willing to apply it.  It is easier to Do Nothing.

If you want change, you first have to change.  And change is not easy but it can be done.  I’ve seen others do it and I am doing it.  It is definitely not hard.

It is also not very expensive.  Personal development books are not expensive a can be taken out at the library for free.  What is expensive is staying in the same situation year after year.  You can’t become the boss or CEO of your company.  It’s much easier to start as the CEO or boss of your own organization.

If you want change, start today.  You may or may not have heard this before… the next five years of your life will be the same as the last five years of your life, if you continue to do the same things.

What Can I Change?

Everything!  Your future!  No use crying over spilled milk.  The past is the past.  You cannot undo that, ever.  Lost time.  But, you can shape your future.  Your destiny.  Where do you want to be?  How much do you want to earn?  Where do you want to travel to?  You can do all these things with planning and execution of the plan.

If you want change you have to change.  You have to change your direction and goals.  Change means not watching TV every night.  Change means not going to “happy hour” with guys/gals after work a couple of days a week.  Change means giving up meaningless activities: reading emails, Facebook, surfing the internet for 3 hours!

I Cannot Change You

Only you can.  I can help you.  I can show you direction.  I can show you that it IS POSSIBLE.  But I cannot make you believe.  If you do not believe in God, I cannot convince you.  You do not believe you cannot accomplish more in life, I cannot convince you.  But I can help you.

Change Is Within Us All

Dig deep.  It is there, like the coins in your pockets, hiding behind the lint.  If you put them together in a small glass jar, over time you will accumulate more and more.  Tackle your change the same way, build it up a little bit at a time and you will see big results later.

Change Your Destiny!

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