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Save Money and Go Green with Viridian

Since deregulation in 1997, many energy companies have been vying for their share of the energy market.  And what is not widely known by consumers is that they HAVE a choice in their energy supplier (electric and/or gas company in certain market areas).  Simply put, you can choose the energy company you want based on [...]

Mrs. Ann Romney RNC Speech

It has been a long time since I have heard a speech as poignant and memorable as the speech Mrs. Ann Romney delivered on August 28, 2012 at the Republican National Convention (RNC). I want to share the speech with you not only because I felt it deserves to be recognized, but because as a [...]

Housing Market Crash in Las Vegas

Things are looking dire for many home owners in the Las Vegas area.  Since 2006 the real estate market has gone south in terms of value and is expected to go even lower.  And just in Las Vegas, this is happening in Arizona, Florida, New York, New Jersey and many other states. This is bad [...]

No Arms, No Legs, What’s Your Excuse?

Hello friends! Lately I have been feeling somewhat down and can’t figure out why. I have been trying to write my book but I have run into “writers block”. This has filled me with great feelings of self-doubt. Doesn’t help that I have struggled with this issue my whole life, and just writing about it [...]

Tony Robbins business message…warning!

Hello my friends, I want to share this video by Tony Robbins.  Pay close attention and really listen. Watch the video here. Just like Tony Robbins, I am not a financial advisor but I feel the same way that Tony does.  Tony brings a special insight because he has access to some of the best [...]

Downsizing and Lay Offs creating New Business Opportunities

I attended my Toastmasters club meeting last night and we had seven visitors. Not that this is something special to write about, we get visitors all the time. Some are just tire-kickers while some join after attending one or more meetings. The reasons for joining are as different as the people who join, but there [...]

Alexandra Scott and her Lemonade Stand

I first discovered Alex’s Lemonade Stand quite by accident one day while surfing the net. I had been doing research on my favorite charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, when I happened across Alex’s website. I explored the site and was quickly consumed by the bitterseet story of Alexandra Scott. In an effort to find constructive ways to [...]

My eBookstore

Hello and welcome. I have selected some of my favorite books and compiled them for you to review. I encourage you to select the book or books that resonate with you. The books are motivational and personal development classics. Others are just relevant to my interests and I have found them to be very insightful [...]