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Every new business opportunity owner that gets involved in a home based business realizes very quickly that it is not easy to sponsor people into their network marketing business.  As excited as they may be about their great, better than sliced bread, business opportunity, the road to financial freedom is very bumpy, and you won’t find it on a map!

I too, was once the person I briefly described.  I was full of enthusiasm.  I had just discovered a new path to financial freedom and I wanted to share it with everyone I knew.  I was so excited because it is my character to always want to share with others, especially if it will help make their lives better.  I have always been this way, to a fault.

It soon became apparent to me that the recruiting aspect of my network marketing company was not going to be as easy as my sponsor and higher level upline had made it seem.  I was coachable so I did what they recommended and I had some home parties and was able to sponsor a handful of smart entrepreneurial spirited individuals.  I had some success with selling the product, but it was not easy.

After a few months, the trail went cold.  I had exhausted my friends and family list.  The memory jogger did help me remember a bunch of other forgotten people, but, getting them to commit to a home party or meeting was very difficult.  This was when I began to have feelings of doubt and my confidence began to ebb away.

The upside of network marketing was that the companies that I was associated with (two companies) were of high caliber and encouraged education.  Through personal and business development books, I began to unlock many secrets and insights into becoming successful.  I was learning the mindset and principles of success that the majority of the population doesn’t know about or worse, do not care to learn about!

Recommended reading for all network marketers: The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto. Myths exposed and the truth about network marketing in today’s day and age.

I knew that network marketing worked because of the many successful people in the numerous network marketing companies out there.  The only problem was trying to generate free leads.  How to get free online leads and attract an endless stream of new reps to my business opportunity?  That was the question.

I realized that the methods I was using were NOT working.  I had to try something new.  But what?

I discovered a new system of attracting free leads online that is basically in its infancy.  The pioneers of this new method are already millionaires and the territory of attraction marketing is very much like the “wild west”: an open frontier of unlimited opportunity.  Today’s pioneers will become tomorrow’s millionaires and tomorrow’s success stories.

What are you doing today to change tomorrow?  Are you a pioneer?

Attraction marketing is the new school way.  As a matter of fact, since I have been a student of this new method for almost one year, I have noticed that in a short span of time many notable figures have been getting involved in network marketing.  Most notably, Donald Trump started his own network marketing company.  What does he know?

The major motivational speakers such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, to name just a few, have just recently started implementing the new methods of online lead generation techniques.  What do they know?  Things tell you things, and these highly successful personalities are paying attention to these new concepts and quickly using them in their marketing strategy.

The tools are easily available to everyone and at a cost that is very well within reach of any budget.  Some tools and techniques are available for free.  Yes, for free.  Can you believe that you can generate your very own free online leads for free.  It is possible.  It is Possible!

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