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Affiliate and Referral Marketing Disclosures

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I work very hard and spend time each week working and writing to provide a very thorough, professional, and concise publication for you.

My position is not to “sell you” various products, but to provide information, tools and resources to improve both your professional and personal life.

This has become common place within network marketers to add affiliate and referral marketing to their marketing strategy. By adding links to sites they are affiliated with, network marketers earn a small commission. Since this technique has become part of a strategy, it is now taught and anyone can profit from affiliate and referral marketing, not just network marketers.

Sometimes, the links are added into the website’s or blog’s content as a blue link, and the reader/visitor may click the link and will be taken to the affiliate website. Subsequently, if the visitor purchases a product or service, a commission is earned by the website/blog owner from where the visitor initially started from.

Is it unethical? Is it deceptive? No, I do not believe so. Since the website/blog owner is offering, usually most of the time, a free service and provides free information, that commission is earned honestly. Albeit that the visitor did not realize that by him/her making a transaction a commission would be generated.

I have chosen to make this clear to anyone who visits my website/blog, by way of a disclosure. The affiliate and referral links were set up by me. I have a financial interest in these links. But that is not why I promote them here. This is not a way for me to make a fast buck and move on the next visitor. Not at all. I promote and endorse these links because I believe the people who produce them are of the highest caliber and have great integrity and your best interest in mind.

Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard are two of my favorite social media teachers/mentors. Through their webinars and courses I have learned how to use social media effectively. I have also learned how to use my personal computer more effectively.

I will be posting new articles on how to maximize the internet to its fullest potential. Within these new articles will be active referral and affiliate links. You may chose to visit them or ignore them altogether. But, I assure they will be relevant and fun. And upon reading the article you may learn something new, something of value to you. That is my goal.

This blog does incorporate affiliate links within its content. The advertised and incorporated links are chosen by me personally because I believe they are the best out there, and I want to pass this information on to you.

As network marketers, you should be aware of affiliate marketing and referral marketing. I promote tools and services because I believe they add value to you as a subscriber, business owner, independent professional, network marketer, author, and products and services provider.

The affiliate links found in this blog help support a weekly publication I believe you will enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you,


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