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4 Fears of Joining MLM and Network Marketing

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Hello my friends!

There are too many reasons why some people won’t or do  not join a home based business opportunity, otherwise known as MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing).  But I want to touch on 4 phobias (fears) that often are at the top of the list.

As is too common to distributors in MLM, the dreaded “no” usually comes from someone who does not know anything about the business model, and even if they are remotely interested, these fears will present themselves in their  minds right away.

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of ridicule
  3. Fear of not attaining goals
  4. Fear of being scammed

1- The fear of failure is an all too common fear within the majority of people.  Even the best of the best have this fear and what separates them from the majority is that they move through this fear.  Fear is intangible.  You can’t see it, touch it, or smell it.  But it exists in our minds and it is a self-preservation tool.

2- The fear of ridicule is another all too common phobia which many people feel.  I myself lost some great initial moment because of this one fear alone.  And between failure and ridicule, I don’t know which one should sit at #1.  But, most people are afraid of being lambasted by family and friends with negative comments like, “You joined a pyramid scheme?”, “You’re chasing a get-rich-quick scheme.”, “Have you lost your mind, these things don’t work!”.

These comments always come from people who have never tried MLM or at best, joined a company and did nothing, which resulted in nothing.  I’ll add here that sometimes people have joined companies that were fraudulent, but that does not make the whole lot bad apples.

3- The fear of not attaining goals is one in which people are afraid to not realize their goals of financial freedom.  This is scary.  Some people cannot wrap their heads around the fact that it is possible to generate money residually and passively.  And, they cannot wrap their heads at the amounts of money that are possible.  It is possible to earn $50.00 a month, $500.00 a month, and even $5,000.00 a month.  Sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that some are earning $50,000.00 a month and more.

4- Fear of being scammed.  This is a biggie as well.  People are very smart and aware nowadays, with the help of the internet, they can get information in a matter of seconds.  The problem with this is that some of the information is based on opinion and sometimes emotion.  There are fact based information websites and blogs and hopefully these are being read as well.

So, some prospective distributors will read some websites with negative views and opinions and base their decision on some one else’s bad experience and/or opinion.  Just know that some people out there just plain hate MLM and network marketing.  And they are vocal about it on the internet.  They want to save you from being scammed.  Or are they just dream killers?

Realizing and understanding these fears will help you get past them.  Sometimes having a good mentor or coach can drastically increase the speed in which you get past these fears.  These fears are to me the most common of the dream killers.  If anyone has the slightest aversion to risk, these fears will give them the excuses they need to bow out and say “no”.

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  • Very very clear and very factual. I am apart on the MLM program that is
    really awsome. Thanks for the support, cause we need more educated
    people like you to put the word out there that what "they" think may be a
    pyramid, may not be. I witnessed a pyramid scheme with a friend of mine
    that was amazed by the cash that could be made..Yet there was no
    product and you had to give $10 for a pool and gose to some1 else til
    your turn comes. Crazy, @Pamela 

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